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Empathy Inspiring Change

In Their Shoes is an empathy movement, transforming how people engage with Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace - through experiential learning, storytelling and 3D technology.

Are you ready to walk in someone else’s shoes?

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a silent barrier to inclusivity

Navigating Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in the workplace can be difficult and uncomfortable. There exists an Empathy Gap - where our understanding falters and conversations stall.

In Their Shoes helps close this gap. Our approach to D&I makes the complex simple, the abstract tangible and most importantly - builds an empathetic and understanding workplace.

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See the World Through Their Eyes

Our powerful learning experience challenges your team to truly engage with someone else's story.

Race & Ethnicity







Transforming the workplace

Our mission is to challenge both organisations and individuals to spark difficult yet vital conversations that ignite change in the workplace - and beyond.

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Group of people from a diverse background of age, race and ability
Icon for Institutional Transformation

Institutional Transformation

We aim to drive a shift in institutional attitudes and practices around Diversity & Inclusion.

Icon for Individual Empowerment

Individual Empowerment

Individual responsibility is the cornerstone of change. We equip people with the emotional and intellectual tools to embrace diversity.

Icon for Team Education & Collaboration

Team Education & Collaboration

By fostering a culture of continuous learning within teams, we’re breaking down silos and enabling a collective shift towards a more inclusive environment.

Icon for Sustainable Advocacy

Sustainable Advocacy

Our approach to D&I is designed to evolve with societal changes, ensuring our learning experiences remain relevant, accessible and most importantly - impactful.

Impact Through Understanding

First, we listen to the real, lived experiences of individuals from across industry. Then, we collaboratively transform these stories into powerful interactive scenarios. These stories are then shared online - with teams and individuals across the world.

Remember, walking is active, not passive. Our narrative-driven experiences challenge your team to listen, discuss and begin to understand someone else’s story, creating an unforgettable and transformative educational journey.

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The core experience

In Their Shoes’ core experience is customisable, appropriately uncomfortable and completely unforgettable.

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Nominations & Awards

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The empathy movement

Join our community of organisations, advisors and advocates committed to building safer, more empowering workplaces through learning.

Together, we listen and share the stories that shift attitudes and behaviours. Together, we step into change.


what’s your story?

We all have a story to tell. Share yours and help drive the experiences that ignite change across workplaces. 

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Experience it

Are you and your teams ready to walk in someone else's shoes? Get in touch and we'll set up a free demonstration, so you can see it for yourself.